GRAFISGRAFIS is a unique, interactive CAD software for pattern construction. It can be used on typical Windows PCs and is inexpensive compared to other high-end patternmaking software.

The GRAFIS license includes the software for pattern construction with several measurement systems and various interactive basic blocks and tools, the marker making software (lay planning) for manual layout of pattern pieces, import and export functions, print and plot options for windows printers and plotters, and wintab drivers for digitizers.


There are already many interactive basic patterns included in GRAFIS which can be modified easily into custom high quality patterns. GRAFIS works on the basis of measurement charts that represent each size. This principle makes GRAFIS different from other systems. You create your pattern design once for your base size or for a customer measurement. Then GRAFIS will repeat the same pattern construction for each new size that you need. This way you can do grading for standard sizes as well as custom made-to-measure patterns.


The price for a single license is 3,300.00 EURO + VAT. This includes the GRAFIS software installation CD, one USB-dongle with your license number, two textbooks (Part 1 + 2, English) as PDF or printed (if preferred). Installation help included, online or in-house training available, to be ordered separately.


I’ve been working with GRAFIS for the past 25 years as a freelance patternmaker and I am still totally convinced that it is really unique. I am very excited about the new corporation with the German CAD software developer. I’ll happily help you getting started with GRAFIS.

Sabine David




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